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Jazz, Rock, Instrumental Vereinigtes Königreich
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Jeff Beck  Hi Ho Silver Lining  Jeff Beck – Hi Ho Silver Lining 2:52 332 ×
Jeff Beck  Beck's Bolero  Jeff Beck – Beck's Bolero 3:40 195 ×
Jeff Beck  Freeway Jam  Jeff Beck – Freeway Jam 4:46 158 ×
Jeff Beck  Cause We've Ended As Lovers  Jeff Beck – Cause We've Ended As Lovers 4:21 136 ×
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Über Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck is an English rock guitarist. Along with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page is one of the top three guitarists, who played in the legendary group The Yardbirds. Jeff Beck never achieved such commercial success as his colleagues, but as a former member of The Yardbirds was invited in 1992 to put into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Most of his songs are instrumental, include a variety of genres from blues-rock, heavy metal, jazz fusion to contemporary guitar rock and electronic music. The Beck’s versatility makes it difficult genre classification. In contrast, the music critics for his work recognized guitarist and his rock instrumental tracks in their category and won several Grammy Awards.

In his everyday life is Jeff Beck fan of racing off-road vehicles modified hot rods, and owns one of the finest collections of these cars in the UK. Hot rods are a favorite theme songs of his current album.

Along with Ringo Starr and David Gilmour starred in the music video for the song “Too Much to Lose” Czech-American musician Jan Hammer. – Translated by Automatic service


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