Hudson Mohawke

Elektronische Musik Vereinigtes Königreich
S Hudson Mohawke


Hudson Mohawke  Fuse  Hudson Mohawke - Fuse 3:07 22 ×
Hudson Mohawke  Ooops!  Hudson Mohawke - Ooops! 3:10 59 ×

Über Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawk performances are considered a masterpiece of musical seance. Hudson Mohawk continues the tradition of experimental electronica cult label Warp Records, on which issues. The awareness on the scene to get it in fifteen years as the youngest world championship runner-up DJs. After several mixtape and unofficial release in 2009, was signed to Warp Records and has been at the forefront of a new direction – wonky beats. The debut album and subsequent EP Butter tightened his style almost to perfection. The cornerstones of its production are primarily creativity and chytlavost. Interest in collaboration with the Hudson Mohawk in recent years revealed a number of personalities from the musical mainstream and alternative stable. Invited were among others to collaborate on the new album by Michael Jackson, in which they have not fatally.


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