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S Hauschka

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Spectaculare Night: Hauschka + Pieter de Graaf Praha 1, Archa Theatre 17/5/2019 20:00 Spectaculare Night: Hauschka + Pieter de Graaf


Hauschka  Radar  Hauschka – Radar 3:54 116 ×
Hauschka  Heimat  Hauschka – Heimat 3:41 72 ×
Hauschka  Morgenrot  Hauschka – Morgenrot 3:30 46 ×
Hauschka  Freibad  Hauschka – Freibad 4:31 39 ×
Hauschka  Rode Null  Hauschka – Rode Null 4:02 26 ×

Über Hauschka

Volker Bertelmann, a.k.a. Hauschka, is an internationally regarded pianist and composer keeping the avant-garde manipulations of those before him alive and well. He often prepares his piano with bottle caps, plastic foil, parchment paper, duct tape, screws, erasers, and pretty much anything else, paying homage to the sonic explorations begun by artists like John Cage. The latter considered everything to be music, and he often found the lively irregularity of street noise to be far more exciting than any composition by Beethoven. To explore these oft-ignored sounds, Hauschka took The Avant/Garde Diaries on a sonic expedition through Düsseldorf where we listened to the thrum of traffic, whooshing of gutters, and the subtle lull of the River Rhine, exploring the city entirely with our ears.


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