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Graveyard Train  Bit By A Dog  Graveyard Train – Bit By A Dog 5:03 53 ×
Graveyard Train  I'm Gone  Graveyard Train – I'm Gone 3:20 45 ×
Graveyard Train  Get The Gold  Graveyard Train – Get The Gold 2:26 37 ×
Graveyard Train  Life Is Elsewhere  Graveyard Train – Life Is Elsewhere 3:22 36 ×
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Über Graveyard Train

Concerts Graveyard Train are also no walk in the park country: “Keep in mind that all of you are here, you will die.” In addition to what it is common country largely lacking – and sometimes třeštivého any humor – six offers in such quantity as to fall reason to find the difference between whether all of everywhere proclaimed alcoholism good insane or crazy as Australians have been born.

When you ask the band members, to whom be likened, they will tell you without batting an eye: Wu-Tang Clan with a banjo. The fact that they have to rap Graveyard Train as well as far as to protialkoholky only confirms who you’re dealing with. However, the catch is, you expect them to: Blues Brothers on country road trip, brutal ballad Nick Cave, ZZ Top playing punk. The thrash metal uječenéskladbě One Foot On The Grave from the last album Hollow singer and guitarist Nick Finch filed a concise explanation: how the gospel met with Steve Tyler and Rage Against The Machine. – Translated by Automatic service


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