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Giegling x Prague: Map.ache + Ateq + more Praha 5, MeetFactory 15/3/2019 22:00 Giegling x Prague: Map.ache + Ateq + more


Giegling  Ra Label of the Month Mix (24.09.2014)  Giegling – Ra Label of the Month Mix (24.09.2014) 46:08 31 ×

Über Giegling

Giegling is the Weimar vinyl-only label and collective of artists. Before it was a label, Giegling was a small club in Weimar, Germany. Members are Konstantin – a DJ and producer deeply immersed in his own imagination, with a group of friends just like him: DJ Dustin, Dwig, Ateq and Rafael, who was already making music with Konstantin as Kettenkarussell, and many others. Most of Giegling’s core members met at Bauhaus University in the mid-'00s, but their musical histories go back further than that.


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