Frederic Robinson

Elektronische Musik, Chillout, IDM Schweiz
S Frederic Robinson


Frederic Robinson  Laughing At Clouds  Frederic Robinson - Laughing At Clouds 4:33 179 ×
Frederic Robinson  Mixed Signals (Synkro Remix)  Frederic Robinson - Mixed Signals (Synkro Remix) 8:51 82 ×
Frederic Robinson  Theme Park  Frederic Robinson - Theme Park 4:15 79 ×
Frederic Robinson  Walk The Distance  Frederic Robinson - Walk The Distance 3:05 49 ×
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Über Frederic Robinson

Frederic Robinson is a young producer from Basel in Switzerland. He makes music for the listener with a broad horizon and a short attention span. His intensely intricate sound design, instrumentation and arrangement places him closer to contemporary classical composers such as Steve Reich, Terry Riley or Philip Glass than the more typically accepted gurus of dance music.


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