Experimentální prostor NoD

Tschechische Republik
S Experimentální prostor NoD

Aktuelle Events

Praha 1, NoD di 20/11 19:30 Goon – Krvavá pomsta
Praha 1, NoD di 27/11 19:30 Sedm kostek cukru
Praha 1, NoD do 29/11 19:30 Měsíční sonáta č. 11
Praha 1, NoD sa 1/12 19:30 Osamělost komiksových hrdinů
Praha 1, NoD do 20/12 19:30 Sedm kostek cukru

Experimentální prostor NoD

The program of the venue consists of three key dramaturgy lines – theatrical Teatro NoD, artistic Gallery NoD and Events NoD.

Experimental Space NoD offers inexhaustible possibilities for both artistic and social experiments, whether it is an experimental form of theater or the approach to education, learning and undermining prejudice. The essential elements of the NoD program are quality, honesty and the need to create and cooperate.

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