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TV Series Gala Kraków, Tauron Arena Kraków 30/5/2020 19:00 TV Series Gala


Einar Selvik  Leaving for Paris  Einar Selvik – Leaving for Paris 1:11 18 ×
Einar Selvik  Völuspá  Einar Selvik – Völuspá 4:40 15 ×
Einar Selvik  Jara  Einar Selvik – Jara 4:42 5 ×
Einar Selvik  Fehu  Einar Selvik – Fehu 5:04 3 ×
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Über Einar Selvik

Einar Selvik, also known by his stage name Kvitrafn (born in 1979 in Bergen), is a Norwegian musician known for being the drummer in the black metal band Gorgoroth from 2000 to 2004, and for fronting the Nordic folk project Wardruna, founded in 2003 and also including Gorgoroth’s ex-vocalist Gaahl. Kvitrafn and Wardruna’s soundtrack work for the History Channel television show Vikings has earned him international prominence, and he also appeared as an actor on the show.


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