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S Dikolson


Dikolson  Mercury  Dikolson – Mercury 4:39 21 ×
Dikolson  The Bear is Sleeping Now  Dikolson – The Bear is Sleeping Now 3:31 101 ×
Dikolson  Ruprecht  Dikolson – Ruprecht 5:40 145 ×
Dikolson  Dikolson – Y 3:53 77 ×
Dikolson  You Are The Leaves  Dikolson – You Are The Leaves 5:05 108 ×

Über Dikolson

The name Dikolson refers to the composer and musician Filip Míšek whom the audiences may know from the former electronic indie trio Khoiba. In his new project that resulted in the record The Bear is Sleeping Now (2011) Míšek acts as an author of ear-catching and uplifting electronica tracks with elements of orchestral music. He also uses a broad range of acoustic instruments, works with elegant resonance and in the end he gets melodies that are frayed in various distinctive and seducing ways. Míšek is currently one of the most remarkable personalities on the Czech electronic music scene. He is a musician with vast experience as a member of the Khoiba trio with whom he performed in several countries in Europe and as an individual: he has written the musical score for films Restart (2005), Den draka (2010) and also for the dance and visual performance Indefinite Kingdom (Tokyo, 2010).


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