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Bratislava – Nové Mesto, Hant aréna Pasienky mi 13/11 19:00 Katrina + Desmod + Jaroslav Uhliř
Brno, Fléda do 21/11 20:00 Desmod

Vergangene Konzerte

Desmod Krnov, Kofola Music Club 19/10/2019 20:00 Desmod
Lodenica 2019 Piešťany, Autocamping Lodenica 29/8 – 31/8/2019 Lodenica 2019
Štěrkovna Open Music 2019 Hlučín, Hlučín Lake 25/7 – 27/7/2019 Štěrkovna Open Music 2019
Holešovská Regata 2019 Holešov, Zahrady zámku Holešov 21/6 – 22/6/2019 Holešovská Regata 2019
Desmod Ostrava, Garage Club 4/4/2019 20:00 Desmod
Cigánski Diabli & Desmod Bratislava – Dlhé Diely, AXA Aréna NTC 15/2/2019 19:00 Cigánski Diabli & Desmod


Desmod  Za tebou  Desmod – Za tebou 3:52 548 ×
Desmod  Chýbanie  Desmod – Chýbanie 3:25 89 ×
Desmod  Par dni  Desmod – Par dni 3:56 67 ×
Desmod  Zhori vsetko co mam  Desmod – Zhori vsetko co mam 4:43 56 ×
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Über Desmod

Desmod is a Slovak rock band that originally formed in 1996 as a metal band in Nitra. The group name is inspired by the Latin name of the general vampire (Desmodus rotundus), which corresponds with one of the favorite motifs of metal music (this bat feeds by sucking the blood of mammals). The original group completely disintegrated. Gradual changes in personnel, there have been cast each instrument and also changed their musical style from heavy metal through the crossover, punk rock to melodic rock.


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