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Eurotrialog Mikulov 2019 Mikulov, Amfiteátr Mikulov 30/8 – 31/8/2019 Eurotrialog Mikulov 2019
Den pro Valy 2019 Valy, Valy – různá místa 10/8/2019 08:00 Den pro Valy 2019
Povaleč 2019 Valeč, Valeč 1/8 – 3/8/2019 Povaleč 2019


Dalekko  Kamaráde!  Dalekko – Kamaráde! 5:30 78 ×
Dalekko  Kam patřím  Dalekko - Kam patřím 4:12 40 ×
Dalekko  Jet Lag  Dalekko – Jet Lag 4:50 22 ×
Dalekko  Nechoďte ještě spát  Dalekko – Nechoďte ještě spát 4:41 10 ×
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Über Dalekko

Dalekko music moves between alternative rock and lo-fi pop with elements of electronics, with Czech lyrics.

Musical ensemble dalekko was founded in the year 2013 as originally a twoman Prague Studio project, consisting of a sound engineer Džianem Babanem aka dB and the lead singer, guitarist and motor racing Paul Sajnerem aka Sajnym. After the release of their debut album named I didn’t run the way dalekko extended report about three other teammates and presented in concert form, together with drummer Philip Hisemem, who has worked on recordings by guitarist John Pruckem and bassist Jan presser foot. – Translated by Automatic service


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