Jazz, Progressive, Worldbeat Ukraine, Niederlande, Russland, Slowakei
S Cirilic


Cirilic  Hymn to Hyperborea (live)  Cirilic – Hymn to Hyperborea (live) 6:54 10 ×
Cirilic  December 31st  Cirilic – December 31st 3:23 7 ×
Cirilic  Full Moon  Cirilic – Full Moon 4:29 6 ×

Über Cirilic

Cirilic is an international band that was founded in Prague in 2013. In October 2013 the band recorded their debut album A Golden Age in the Netherlands. The project is based on the unusual combination of classical music and Russian Romantic music of the 19th century, represented by composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov N., M. Glinka, M. Mussorgsky, and also the creation of guitarist Kirill Yakovleva.

The band consists of Kirill Yakovlev (Russia – guitar, balalaika), Cyrille Oswald (Netherlands – saxophone, piano, flutes), Taras Voloshchuk (Ukraine / Czech Republic – upperbass) and Dušan Čermák (Slovakia – percussion)


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