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Boyband  Boyband  Boyband – Boyband 3:16 26 ×
Boyband  Úžasňáci  Boyband – Úžasňáci 3:13 19 ×
Boyband  Čevabčiči Swag  Boyband – Čevabčiči Swag 4:27 16 ×
Boyband  Lady Carneval + 1210 Symphony  Boyband – Lady Carneval + 1210 Symphony 3:05 13 ×
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Über BoyBand

In music history, and was probably still a large amount of boybandů. You never, however, is only one BoyBand. It’s a rap in its cleanest form. Connection of two heads and two worlds. It’s the Idea of & Boy Wonder.

The entire project was completely spontaneously, without any greater ambition. Joint cooperation, however, both players kicked so that the whole thing resulted in a common všeříkajícím name plate with a Best Of, released under Those Never in April 2013.

A year and a few minor since the release of the debut on us BoyBand attacked with continuing. The album is called the Galapagos Islands and, again, it’s a trip into uncharted lands of rap. Irony, punchlines, but also serious songs-all of this is a BoyBand. – Translated by Automatic service


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