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Über Big Band Felixe Slováčka

Felix Slovacek Big Band is one of the famous Czech orchestras in jazz and dance music. Big Band is made up of 17 players and played in the classic big band from Prague cast (4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones, guitar, bass, drums, piano). The orchestra was built in 1983 as chief conductor Felix Slovacek.

Big Band history dates back to the sixties – the founder and first artistic director was still dancing and Czech Radio Jazz Orchestra – became great Czech jazz musician and composer Karel Krautgartner. The orchestra after it succeeded Joseph Vobruba together with Vladimir Cinderella, under whose leadership the orchestra creating music projects with the best Czech artists of popular music. Creating jazz band profiled primarily arranger, composer and conductor Kamil Hala.

Over the years, the Big Band series of personalities whose names have become a permanent part of the history of Czech jazz and jazz by famous Czech also in abroad – bassist and famous jazzman Ludek Hulan, trumpeters Richard Kubernát, Václav King and Laco Déczi, saxophonists Milan Ulrich, Miroslav Krýsl , Peter King and John Konopásek, trombonisté Ladislav Pikart Vitoch and Paul and many others. For many years the projects Big Band participated also known pianist, composer and arranger Karel Ruzicka. Especially in the field of jazz Big Band collaborated with many renowned soloists from abroad – Sonny Costanzo trombonist, composer and multi-instrumentalist known Darryl Kennedy, clarinetist Tony Scott, trumpeter Greg Hopkins and Benny Bailey, tenor saxophonist Don Menza and Gian Bass and others. His jazz projects implemented in cooperation with the Big Band many domestic and foreign composers. – Translated by Automatic service

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