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S Al–Yaman

Aktuelle Konzerte

Praha 1, Na Prádle Theatre mi 6/11 19:00 Al-Yaman


Al–Yaman  Dhykrayat  Al–Yaman – Dhykrayat 4:54 146 ×
Al–Yaman  Muashahat  Al–Yaman – Muashahat 3:52 60 ×
Al–Yaman  Si–Raa  Al–Yaman – Si–Raa 4:45 92 ×

Über Al–Yaman

Prague band Al-Yaman brings an original fusion of oriental melodies with new elements of dance music. The sound of the band combines acoustic instruments with electronics and mixed here, the influence of styles like dub, trance, ambient, bhangra and more. After a very well-received debut Hurryia Al-Yaman played numerous concerts at home and abroad. In the summer of 2007, but al-esh and Ashwaq agreed to suspend operations. Ashwaq wanted to spend more time with family, Alex needed more time for other projects (eg Cartonnage) and generally felt the need to al-Yaman from the rest. However, in late 2008 agreed to restore the concert as well as rotation Insanyya new album. – Translated by Automatic service

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