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Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 10/7 – 12/7/2020 Mighty Sounds 2020


Acidez  Don't Ask For Permission  Acidez – Don't Ask For Permission 3:50 86 ×
Acidez  Pierdes Tu Tiempo  Acidez – Pierdes Tu Tiempo 2:49 42 ×
Acidez  Acideztruction  Acidez – Acideztruction 2:11 18 ×
Acidez  Fuera De Tu Ley  Acidez – Fuera De Tu Ley 3:33 18 ×
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Über Acidez

Acidez is a “hardcore street punk” band from Guadalajara, Mexico, which started in 2003 playing a more classic style of street punk, and released their first LP in 2008 “No Hay Futuro”, and a split with The Angst in 2010 “Deadly Dose/Dosis Mortal”. After various line-up changes, the most relevant being KarlOi! (lead singer) leaving the band, their music style changed as well, they started to add more thrash metal and d-beat elements onto their sound, and they recently released their newest LP “Don’t Ask For Permission”. After almost 10 years of playing, they have shared stages with bands such as The Casualties, Destruction Made Simple, The Varukers, Rabia, Total Chaos, Agente Calavera, Atroz Destruccion, Dias de Radio, Human Plague, @patia No, Death Mold, Resist & Exist, Totälickers, Especimen and others. Simply, one of the most hard working bands in the mexican scene


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