A Skylit Drive

Hardcore, Emo, Post Hardcore, Screamo USA
S A Skylit Drive


A Skylit Drive  Love The Way You Lie  A Skylit Drive – Love The Way You Lie 4:58 18 ×
A Skylit Drive  Too Little Too Late  A Skylit Drive – Too Little Too Late 3:14 9 ×
A Skylit Drive  All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True  A Skylit Drive – All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True 3:17 4 ×
A Skylit Drive  The Cali Buds  A Skylit Drive – The Cali Buds 3:40 1 ×
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Über A Skylit Drive

A Skylit Drive is an American Post-hardcore band from Lodi, California. As of 2012, the band consists of Michael Jagmin (lead vocals), Brian White (bass guitar, unclean vocals), Nick Miller (guitar), Cory La Quay (drums, death growls), and Kyle Simmons (keys, synths, bass guitar). Michael Jagmin has provided lead vocals for the band since 2008. He is often recognized for his unusual singing range.

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