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Den pro Kliniku: Kieslowski + 27 + Aid Kid Praha 6, Potrvá 24/1/2015 19:30 Den pro Kliniku: Kieslowski + 27 + Aid Kid


27  Osudová (live)  27 – Osudová (live) 4:36 135 ×

Über 27

Musical group 27 consists of violinist Veronika Linhartová (classical violin, electronic violin, vocals; she appeared as a guest on Jaromir Nohavica or Karla Holase) and Andrew Mataj (guitar, mandolin, vocals). In this composition operation since June 2011, and during that time played dozens of concerts. Participated in the creation of music to theater Marathon (Academy of Performing Arts, directed by J. Lesak) and possessed a game (Mystery Ship, directed by J. Forman), and composed music for Czech Television documentary Othello is black (directed by T. Kratochvil).



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