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Über Kula Pikle

Clever and delicious jumble of rock, funk, alternative and chillingly humorous texts, served in four different age, but opinions are probably coincidences young men. While half of the band represents a perspective on the world around them appropriate joyful anticipation, others grapple with the uncertainties midlife crisis and conflicts of these quite different polarities is reflected in the approach to the music and the themes emerging in individual pieces, surprisingly way more or less positive. An important element which themes songs concern is the relationship between a woman and a man, but its processing is totally different from sladkobolných tirades, rádobychlapských outpourings of hypocritical religion and filling the contemporary Czech pop culture. The administration of intrigue is the topic of interpersonal relationships stripped down from pathos and idealization, and what is left, although sounds urgent, but not vulgar, cheesy, but true. – Translated by Automatic service


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