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Klavírní kvarteto Josefa Suka Průhonice, Průhonice Park and Castle 22/11/2020 17:00 Klavírní kvarteto Josefa Suka
Klavírní kvarteto Josefa Suka Praha 4, Chodovská tvrz 20/10/2020 19:00 Klavírní kvarteto Josefa Suka
Josek Suk Piano Quartet Praha 1, Rudolfinum 16/3/2020 19:30 Josek Suk Piano Quartet
Josek Suk Piano Quartet Praha 1, Rudolfinum 12/2/2020 19:30 Josek Suk Piano Quartet
Josek Suk Piano Quartet Praha 1, Rudolfinum 5/2/2020 19:30 Josek Suk Piano Quartet
Josef Suk Piano Quartet Praha 1, Rudolfinum 11/11/2019 19:30 Josef Suk Piano Quartet

Über Klavírní kvarteto Josefa Suka

The violinist, Radim Krestou was founded in the year 2007, initially in the composition of piano trio, under the name “Taras Piano Trio”. This file has reached the number of awards at international competitions: j. Brahms Wettbewerb 2007-1st prize, Premio Rovere d’Oro 2008-1st prize, Val Tidone Music Competitions 2010-1st prize, Concorso Salieri-Zinetti 2012-3 price (as a Duo of Taras in the composition of the duo violin-cello). From the second half of 2012, the ensemble played under the name “Ensemble Taras” in the cast of the Piano Quartet.

In 2013, the file has reached the excellent results in the form of two victories at international competitions-in may 2013, Concorso Salieri-Zinetti in Verona-1. price in September 2013, and one of the most prestigious of this scope, “ACM Premio Trio di Trieste”-1st prize.

Thanks to these achievements earned the band the opportunity to perform on many of the world’s major stages, eg. in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and others. Currently preparing the Quartet CD and DVD for “the Limen of music and arts-Milan” with music by g. Fauré 's (Piano Quartet op. 15) and j. Brahms (Piano Quartet op. 60) and a CD of “Azzura Music” with music by g. Mahler and j. Brahms (Piano Quartet op. 25).

From February 2014 file has changed its name to “Piano Quartet of Josef Suk,” according to the violinist Josef Suk, the grandson of the composer Josef Suk and one of the greatest personalities of the last century violin generation. The Quartet adopted this change after the homely permission of his wife Mrs. Marie Sukové. – Translated by Automatic service

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