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Kalevala + Bloody Tyrant + Ymyrgar Praha 1, Vagon di., 18.02.2020 19:00 Kalevala + Bloody Tyrant + Ymyrgar
Heathen Assault Over Brno 2020 Brno, Melodka sa., 15.02.2020 15:00 Heathen Assault Over Brno 2020
Kalevala + Bloody Tyrant + Runika Warszawa, VooDoo Club fr., 14.02.2020 19:00 Kalevala + Bloody Tyrant + Runika
Kalevala Wrocław, Stara Piwnica sa., 29.06.2019 19:00 Kalevala
Kalevala + Grimner + Vorgrum & Wolfarian Brno, Faval Music Circus mi., 19.09.2018 18:00 Kalevala + Grimner + Vorgrum & Wolfarian
Kalevala + Grimner + Vogrum Ostrava, Barrák di., 18.09.2018 18:00 Kalevala + Grimner + Vogrum


Kalevala  People No Names  Kalevala - People No Names 9:00 45 ×
Kalevala  In The net  Kalevala - In The net 4:46 26 ×
Kalevala  Waves  Kalevala - Waves 6:12 7 ×
Kalevala  Escape From The Storm  Kalevala - Escape From The Storm 5:15 7 ×
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Über Kalevala

The band “Kalevala” was created by Ksenia Markevitch (ex-Butterfly Temple, ex-Nevid; vocals, texts) and Nikita Andriyanov (ex-Nevid; guitars, composer) in 2007. The style of the band differs from other heavy-metal groups mainly due to expressional melodies, Russian national instruments such as balalaika and accordion, and instruments, which were used in Europe since ancient times: bagpipes, flute, wistle, hurdy-gurdy and others. The music is lively and easy to remember, the band also plays covers of Ukrainian and Cossack songs, and that creates never-to-be forgotten atmosphere of performances. There is also acoustic programme that includes the best of “Kalevala” songs to the accompaniment of accordion, balalaika, cello and piano.


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