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3-Majówka 2020 Wrocław, Pergola 1/5 – 4/5/2020 3-Majówka 2020
Jelonek Kraków, Klub Studio 20/3/2020 19:00 Jelonek
Jelonek Poznań, U Bazyla 20/12/2019 20:00 Jelonek
Jelonek Wrocław, Stary Klasztor 13/12/2019 19:10 Jelonek
Jelonek Warszawa, Remont: Reaktywacja Legendy 7/12/2019 19:00 Jelonek
Jelonek Warszawa, Hybrydy 8/12/2018 19:30 Jelonek


Jelonek  BaRock  Jelonek - BaRock 3:04 77 ×
Jelonek  B.East  Jelonek - B.East 3:27 33 ×
Jelonek  Akka  Jelonek - Akka 2:34 23 ×
Jelonek  A Funeral of a Provincial Vampire  Jelonek - A Funeral of a Provincial Vampire 3:30 31 ×
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Über Jelonek

Michał Jelonek (born May 30, 1971), also known as Jelonek, is a musician and composer. He specializes in violin. He is a member of bands Hunter and Orkiestra Dni Naszych, and former member of Ankh. In 2007 Jelonek released his first, self-titled solo album. Jelonek recorded 20 co-author’s albums and featured over 30 albums(classical music, pop, folk, r’n’b, rock and metal).Won several competitions and festivals like: Jarocin 93, Zloty Baczek WOSP and others. Several nominations for best polish instrumentalist (1993 –“Tylko Rock” Magazine, 1994 – Siedlce “Rock 94” and others). Cooperated as a sideman with phonographic companies like: BMG Ariola Poland, EMI Pomaton Poland, Universal Music Poland, and others. 1993-2008: around 1600 concerts throughout Poland and in countries like: Brazil, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine. Recorded music for movies and commercials.


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