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Żywioły | piosenki Jacka Kaczmarskiego Kraków, Piec Art di., 30.05.2017 21:00 Żywioły | piosenki Jacka Kaczmarskiego
Koncert Piosenek Jacka Kaczmarskiego Warszawa, Palladium mo., 03.04.2017 19:00 Koncert Piosenek Jacka Kaczmarskiego


Jacek Kaczmarski  Obława  Jacek Kaczmarski - Obława 2:44 5 ×
Jacek Kaczmarski  Nasza klasa  Jacek Kaczmarski - Nasza klasa 4:07 3 ×
Jacek Kaczmarski  Mury  Jacek Kaczmarski - Mury 5:22 9 ×
Jacek Kaczmarski  Sen Katarzyny II  Jacek Kaczmarski - Sen Katarzyny II 2:19 9 ×
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Über Jacek Kaczmarski

Jacek Kaczmarski was a Polish singer, songwriter, poet and author.

He was the son of painter Anna Trojanowska-Kaczmarska, a Pole of Jewish background, and the artist Janusz Kaczmarski. Kaczmarski was a voice of the Solidarity trade union movement in 1980s Poland, for his commitment to a free Poland, independent of Soviet rule.

His songs criticized the ruling communist regime and appealed to the tradition of patriotic resistance within Poles. He remains best known for his protest songs on social and political subjects (“Mury” (Walls) based on “L'Estaca” by Lluís Llach, “Obława” (Wolf hunt (lit. Raid))). However, he was more a poet than a political singer, and his texts have not lost their relevance with the demise of the Soviet union and its communist bloc.


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