Ilia Belorukov

Elektronische Musik, Experimental, Experimental Russland
S Ilia Belorukov


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Über Ilia Belorukov

Ilia Belorukov is a musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He works in the directions of improvised, noise and electroacoustic music. He’s a member of different projects with local and foreign musicians. He collaborates with artists who work in other musical directions (from hardcore and metal to academic contemporary music); with dancers and painters; with theater. Ilia practices an experimental approach of sound extraction on alto saxophone with objects, uses electronics and other instruments. Also he is a founder of Intonema label and one of curators of Spina!Rec label. Organizer of events in Russia, co-organizer of the SpinaFest and Teni Zvuka festivals in Saint-Petersburg.


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