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United Islands of Prague 2017 Praha, Prag – verschiedene Orte 23.06. – 24.06.2017 United Islands of Prague 2017


Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stadt & Romaniac  Katja  Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stadt & Romaniac – Katja 3:15 6 ×
Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stadt  Russkoje Disko  Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stadt – Russkoje Disko 3:26 3 ×

Über Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stadt

The music of this band from Chemnitz is a meeting of Siberia (the frontman Alexej Potij comes from Omsk) with the “provinciality of the Ore Mountains´ foothills and the former town of Karl Marx Stadt”, and transforms the original East European folklore into a contemporary dance entertainment. Thanks to their distinctive interpretation and original songs written in the same spirit, the voicedness of their language driven by colorful rhythms and wild dancing tempos remains preserved. Bass balalaika, guitar, percussive wind instruments and drums together rotate spirals of Balkan brass music, but also what the band itself calls “Russendisko”. For that matter, Russkoje disko is a name of their second album (2017).


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