Golec uOrkiestra

Adresse ul. Stanisława Lema 7, Kraków
Eintritt PLN 51–350
Webseite des Ortes www.tauronarenakrakow.pl

20 years have passed? In the case of Golec uOrkierstra almost impossible! And yet! It was in 1998 that one of the most characteristic, recognizable and successful Polish bands was created. Although their path to the top at the very beginning was not easy – the jury of the Opole festival did not get to know about “Ścierniscu”, and radio stations with reserve approached “Binoculars” - today they are about the strength of Polish pop music, of course in shades of folk, jazz or rock and roll. The driving force is the brothers Łukasz and Paweł, who set the tone for the entire orchestra, write, sing, compose and care for the Golec uOrkiestra brand.

Auftretende Künstler*innen


Golec uOrkiestra  Przybieżeli do Betlejem  Golec uOrkiestra – Przybieżeli do Betlejem 3:25 15 ×
Golec uOrkiestra  Słodycze  Golec uOrkiestra – Słodycze 4:10 8 ×
Golec uOrkiestra  Gdy się Chrystus rodzi  Golec uOrkiestra – Gdy się Chrystus rodzi 3:26 6 ×
Golec uOrkiestra  Szarpany  Golec uOrkiestra – Szarpany 3:30 7 ×
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