Galerie Paletka

Galerie Paletka

Adresse Husova 2, Plzeň
Telefon 420 377 387 504

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Beschreibung des Ortes

The gallery was founded in 1978. For a long time, she worked on the exhibition grounds, is the only one in Bohemia, in the Czech Republic and is a unique and internationally. Currently has its own exhibition space in Husova Street no. 2, opposite the theatre of J. K. Tyl theatre.

The Gallery is dedicated to promoting the long-term and targeted, presentation and methodical activities in the area of aesthetic education of children and youth. Is part of the programme for the development of culture in the town of Pilsen in the years 2009-2019 and the Long-term intent of the education and development of the educational system of the Pilsen region. – Translated by Automatic service


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