Cellar Galery

Cellar Galery

Adresse Wielopole 12, Kraków
Telefon +48 694 050 203

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Beschreibung des Ortes

The old cellar at Wielopole 12 in Krakow, dating back to the 19th century, is a special place whose raw interior characterized by large spaces numerous nooks and crannies and a barrel-vaulted ceiling can serve as a counterpoint for the contemporary art. The Gallery does not compete with other “art stables”, but is an alternative to them, an additional channel through which the internal pressure of the city is relieved. It is a place which offers an opportunity to confront not only one’s self but also an extremely interactive space. The truth of this place is reflected in the natural atmosphere of the Krakow’s cellar whose uneven floor was shaped by its visitors. An artist exhibiting their works at the Gallery is not the proverbial camel who carries the ‘Krakow traditions’ and gallery snobbery – they can look around the horizon of art without restraince. Night exhibitions, characterized by their ephemeral nature, appear as a ‘one-night flower’… and the vernissage becomes at the same time the finissage.


Um die beste Verbindung zu finden, gib einfach die Haltestelle oder Straße ein, von der du losfahren willst.


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