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Scanning tickets at turnstiles

We are excited about this new feature! Stadiums, exhibition grounds, zoological gardens, and other venues that use turnstiles at their gates can now sell tickets via GoOut. We can easily connect the turnstiles to our system to ensure a smooth check-in for any number of people.

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Selling tickets at the venue

In addition to online presales, we are also ready for event organizers who are used to selling their tickets at the venue. If you are one of them, we can provide you with a GoOut desk and printer, deliver it to you before the event, and even take care of scanning individual tickets.

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White label ticketing

Do you wish to use the GoOut admin interface while keeping the presale form on your website? Do you have your own design you want to adhere to? Are your customers already used to coming directly to you to get their tickets? No problem – customers do not need to visit GoOut to buy GoOut tickets. We can integrate our presale form into your website and ensure everything runs smoothly.

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