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E.D. Sedgwick + Crime Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov 2/12/2012 19:30 E.D. Sedgwick + Crime


E.D. Sedgwick  Silver Bullets  E.D. Sedgwick – Silver Bullets 2:14 6 ×
E.D. Sedgwick  He's the One  E.D. Sedgwick - He's the One 4:02 83 ×
E.D. Sedgwick  Heat Wave  E.D. Sedgwick - Heat Wave 4:12 26 ×
E.D. Sedgwick  Sigourney Weaver  E.D. Sedgwick - Sigourney Weaver 4:19 27 ×
E.D. Sedgwick  Robert Downey Jr  E.D. Sedgwick - Robert Downey Jr 2:10 31 ×

Über E.D. Sedgwick

For music group E.D. Sedgwick founding on the white suits stand Justin Moyer and his female squad. Justin is a remarkable man in many ways. In addition to playing in the once important bands like El Guapo, Supersystem or Antelope worked as a private eye, working as a journalist, but also makes music that is in the best sense of the word catchy, simple, funny and crazy in his typical manner. – Translated by Automatic service

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