DJ O.B.I. aka Tobias Lüke

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S DJ O.B.I. aka Tobias Lüke


DJ O.B.I.  Drugged Drummer  DJ O.B.I. – Drugged Drummer 5:52 23 ×
DJ O.B.I.  Blood Work  DJ O.B.I. – Blood Work 6:05 9 ×

Über DJ O.B.I. aka Tobias Lüke

Tobias Lüke aka O.B.I., who was born in the German town Greven, started to spin at 14, making his debut as a Club DJ with 18 and a impact as a newcomer contest winner in Münster’s phenomenal Fusion Club. After this successful start, he began to organise his own events called TekkTribe which grew into a fully-fledged booking agency and a label in 2003. Soon O.B.I. started to become an established name for Hardtechno as he released records like the infamous Gehörsturz EP wich was 6 weeks number one seller in europes biggest online recordstore Web-Records.

With more than 175 released Tracks on more than 60 diffrent Vinyls he formed the scene like no one else. His productions apear on various mix-compilations and on the most important labels in the History of Hardtechno. Compressed, Nerven, Skull Tunes, TekkTribe, Distorted, Abstract, Carnage, Combat Skill, Artillery, Crowbar, Lifeform, Working Vinyl, Hardwork and many more…

Since 2004 Tobias is what we call a global player. He performed his unique Dj Sets & Live Pa´s on some of the biggest Events around Europe inclunding mega Festivals like Nature One, Awakenings and Monegros where O.B.I. spinned the decks for up to 10.000 people.


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