Divoké matky

Divoké matky – Ort geschlossen

Adresse Hybešova 2, Praha

Beschreibung des Ortes

Divoké matky (Wild Mothers) is a club, a community centre and a café all in one. It is mainly adapted for children, but it really is not only for parents with kids. Authors of concept wanted to create a space where children have no boundaries, they entertain themselves, they unwind themselves and a parent can drink cup of coffee or whatever she or he wants. Same thing works for anybody else. Club has a playroom, living room and a small hall. At the last room there are bean bags by Wegett.

The entire space is equipped so that visitor can feel more like visiting family or friend, he or she will not be afraid to put legs on near chair and enjoy quiet moment or go wild with children. At Divoké Matky you can make an appointment, birthday party of yours or your baby and other different events. Divoké Matky are open to every kind of fun and interesting ideas. They held regularly children theatres, workshops and other events not only for wild children.


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