Jazz Tibet Club

Jazz Tibet Club

Adresse Sokolská 48, Olomouc
Webseite www.jazztibet.cz

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Tibet is a legendary Jazz Club scene, in Olomouc which is associated with a music club, and also the unique genius loci. A lovely, homey atmosphere and wooden Interior přípomíná the famous Irish pubs. In a unique environment with concerts of top bands and musicians from all over the world, whose link is good music and an honest approach to it.

Despite its name, however, the Club is not far from exclusively jazz scene. Genre across dramaturgy focuses on playwriting and authentic speech and limits only the character of the area. In the program of the Club, so in addition to jazz, blues, indie/rock/folk and nadžánrových a combination of emerging and alternative hip hop or ambient and electronics. In addition to the exceptional atmosphere offers Club and premium technical support, which during the concert contributes to the extremely high quality of sound.

The Club began in 1994 in the heart of the city of Olomouc, in the historic house of 15. century with a very interesting history. Where once the salt works or warehouse building material during the year and a half, the buffs from the ranks of local jazz music lovers to become a Jazz Club. In 2000, he passed for more reconstruction and Visual transformation. In 2011, then followed another reconstruction, during which the Interior transformed into what it is today. The club name refers to a cimrmanovskou Poetics.

Jazz Tibet Club arose from the enthusiasm and the motivation is still the same and maintained, which – as we believe – is to feel. The ideal size of the Club, guaranteeing comfort and at the same time a tight contact of musicians with the audience, in addition, contributes to so much desirable contact atmosphere. In the moments when the unique environment, the music and the atmosphere in the audience together zarezonují, there is just a nondescript experience.

All of this is the reason why in the Jazz Club visits each year to Tibet excellent musicians from the Czech Republic, Europe and all over the world, and I’m so happy to return. We will be very pleased, if you become a second home. Jazz Tibet Club live live music. – Translated by Automatic service


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