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Every album, every song tells a story. This is also the case with their record because it is a story of back to childhood, to what is good and maybe a bit naive. It is also a story of difficult events and related emotions, from which we resort to the past full of imaginary, sometimes very absurd, games and play. Go with them on this journey.

Auftretende Künstler*innen


Ciabatta  Dychotomia  Ciabatta – Dychotomia 5:15 5 ×
Ciabatta  13/5  Ciabatta – 13/5 3:16 3 ×
Ciabatta  Elektro  Ciabatta – Elektro 3:18 1 ×
Ciabatta  Disco  Ciabatta – Disco 2:43 4 ×
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