Campus Hybernská

The Hybernská campus is a complex of houses and courtyards in Hybernská Street, where creativity, art, innovation and the academic world meet. Lectures, performances, concerts, exhibitions, screenings, discussions and other events for the general public take place here. There is the Hlína Café, the Hyb4 Gallery, the Hyb4 White Gallery, the Wombat Recording Studio, the Artivist Lab Gallery, the Jan Čejka Gallery, the Library of Things and the Student House, which is taken care of by the Studentská Hybernská platform. Last but not least, here you will find the Hyb4 circular workshop and also the Hyb4 reading room, the program of which is created by the editors of the socio-cultural magazine Revue Prostor. The City of Prague and Charles University are participating in the Hybernská Campus project.

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