Boys Who Like To Play With Dolls

Ort Letiště České Budějovice – BM X Kredance pop-up
Adresse U Zimního stadionu 1952/2, České Budějovice
Tags Show
Eintritt Frei
Dauer 40 min

Besetzung: Tereza Ondrová, Peter Šavel

The society instills us from childhood gender stereotypes. Pink is for girls, cars are for boys, girls play with dolls and boys do not cry. Gender – the sexuality of personality – is much more than a biological phenomenon a social phenomenon. The essence of what it means being a man or a woman is not based solely on the amount of estrogen or testosterone in the body, but is basically the result of the social influence or decision, education, process of socialization.

Welcome in the fantasy world in which the masculine and feminine principle may not be the same as a man and a woman. The project results from a creative meeting of two distinctive choreographers and performers who have met in the successful project Much More Than Nothing. Movement and dance become in this project a means to express the contrast between the expression of body and soul, between genetic givens and social prejudices in an attempt to challenge the various social stereotypes and explore the theme of gender purely physically.



Um die beste Verbindung zu finden, gib einfach die Haltestelle oder Straße ein, von der Du losfahren willst.

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