Bellamy Moon

Elektronische Musik, Rock, Pop Vereinigtes Königreich, Tschechien
S Bellamy Moon

Vergangene Konzerte

Bellamy Moon Praha 10, Café V lese sa., 21.02.2015 20:00 Bellamy Moon
Bellamy Moon Praha 7, Café Lajka fr., 19.12.2014 19:00 Bellamy Moon
Bellamy Moon Praha 10, Café V lese fr., 26.09.2014 20:00 Bellamy Moon
Bellamy Moon Praha 10, Café V lese sa., 17.05.2014 20:00 Bellamy Moon
United Islands 2013 Praha 6, Ladronka Park 20.06. – 22.06.2013 United Islands 2013
Bellamy Moon Praha 10, Café V lese sa., 15.12.2012 20:00 Bellamy Moon


Bellamy Moon  Salto Mortale (live)  Bellamy Moon – Salto Mortale (live) 4:42 160 ×
Bellamy Moon  Morning Creatures (live)  Bellamy Moon – Morning Creatures (live) 3:46 64 ×

Über Bellamy Moon

The music of Bellamy Moon, a Czech-British band, could perhaps be described as dreamy pop with touches of soul, jazz, and traditional rock’n’roll. It is dominated by vocals performed by the Heřmánek sisters, Karolína and Kristýna, as well as by the lyrics rendered in English, Czech and French. The instrumental section of the band (guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion) consists of musicians who had appeared in various other projects (e.g. Lety mimo, Zátory, Doubravánek, Jižní pól, Ink Fish); this also shows in the varied styles the band’s repertoire offers.


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