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Žilina, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie heute 20:30 Celibát Tour: Katarzia + support: Aid Kid live
Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, PLATO Ostrava morgen 21:15 Refrén
Brno, Cabinet of the Muses mo 9/11 20:00 Celibát Tour: Katarzia + support: Aid Kid live
Košice – Staré mesto, Tabačka Kulturfabrik fr 13/11 20:00 Celibát Tour: Katarzia + support: Aid Kid live
Prešov, Wave - centrum nezávislej kultúry sa 14/11 20:00 Celibát Tour: Katarzia + support: Aid Kid live


Aid Kid & Veronika Buriánková  Hidden Light  Aid Kid & Veronika Buriánková – Hidden Light 4:27 431 ×
Aid Kid  Broken Arp  Aid Kid – Broken Arp 5:43 268 ×
Aid Kid  2night  Aid Kid - 2night 5:12 470 ×
Aid Kid  Ntrf  Aid Kid - Ntrf 3:13 190 ×
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Über Aid Kid

Aid Kid is the stagename of Ondra Mikula, a young musician who is rapidly becoming one of the hottest names on Prague electronic scene. Only 21 years old, Mikula has already a long CV to his name. His career started with a shoegaze band called Daydream Nation, but quickly shifted towards electronic music. After a brief spell with Dignity Dope, where he experimented with mixing disco and alternative weirdness, Aid Kid was born in 2013. Now, Mikula seems he’s finally found out what suits him best.

His solo work is filled with rich variety of sounds and courageous arranges, but at the end, everything comes down to a melody – a sparkly clear, addictive hook that will remind you of the best of pop and triphop traditions. Aid Kid can perhaps be best described as ‘instrumental chillwave’ and wouldn’t be complete without the hauntingly beautiful visuals of VJ Kateřina Černá.

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